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Good day, friends!  How has your Tuesday been?  I’m in a really, really good mood today.  Possibly because I started things off with a sensational breakfast.  :)  In truth, I’m not much of a breakfast eater.  In fact, before our vacation earlier this month, I hadn’t regularly eaten breakfast in a couple of years.  I don’t usually wake up hungry, and my pre-workout fuel is typically a big mug of black coffee.  I haven’t been feeling my best lately, so I started to look at my diet to see if anything I’d been eating could be contributing to my less than ideal energy levels and mood.  Dirty little secret: I got into the habit of eating half a pint of full-fat Ben & Jerry’s every single night before bed- B and I would usually split one after dinner.   Now, you know I am all for REAL food and full-fat everything, and I’m all for eating what you want and listening to your body.  However, skipping breakfast in favor of nutritionally devoid ice cream every single day is probably not going to make you feel your best.  I’m trying to kick my ice cream habit and redefine the term DESSERT- in my vocabulary dessert is more an actual food group to be consumed in large quantities every day instead of a treat to be savored every once in awhile.  I know I need to eat more whole, fresh foods and less Phish Food.  I just… do.

Anyway, in an effort to make that happen, I’m going to get my breakfast on when I get hungry in the morning.  I know an added bonus will be that I’ll have more energy for my workouts, so I’m also looking forward to that!  Today I got hungry at around 10am, so I headed to the kitchen to see what I could whip up.  15 minutes later I was enjoying a Spinach, Mushroom & Fresh Mozzarella Breakfast Burrito that rocked my face off.  :)

I spritzed a non-stick pan with a little cooking spray, then added a handful of sliced button mushrooms to the pan.

Next, I added a couple handfuls of baby spinach, plus garlic salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Once the spinach was wilted down, I whisked one whole egg with one egg white, added that to the pan and scrambled everything together.

I took an Ezekiel sprouted grain tortilla and put the last of the pesto & sun dried tomato fresh mozzarella balls (that we used for last week’s Turkey-Vegetable Parmesan) down the middle…

And then put the hot egg and veggie scramble on top.  :)

Mmm, cheeeeesy


Some whole-grain complex carbs, a little protein from the egg, fat and flavaaa from the cheese, and healthy vegetable goodness.  I consider this to be a breakfast WIN.

Now I’m on the search for breakfast recipes!  I’m in love with the idea of Overnight Oats (see Breakfast), so I added the ingredients for this tasty looking concoction to my grocery list for tomorrow.

What’s your favorite go-to breakfast?  I’m a huge fan of natural almond or peanut butter on a whole-grain English muffin. 

I’m off to do High Reps and then run errands with my Mom.  :)

See ya later!!!


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  1. “What’s your favorite go-to breakfast?”

    What I’m lucky enough for my wife to bring me! That’s right, I’ll admit it, albeit slightly ashamedly – I get breakfast in bed every single morning simply because I am *seriously* not a morning person. I mumble a thanks, prop myself up on one arm, push it down my throat and then shove the plate away before returning to my state of unconsciousness. Once I’m awake I’m a model husband though… honest ;)

    • At least you appreciate it. :) I don’t think I’ve ever gotten breakfast in bed before! *scratches head* I’m sure I’d get crumbs EVERYWHERE. ;)

      • Eek, don’t get me started on bed-crumbs! My wife *refuses* to use a plate when she’s snacking on stuff. Nothing makes me more enraged than trying to fall asleep and discovering half a loaf of bread under my backside! :@

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