A Killer Breakfast + Cheese That Isn’t


Hi.  How are ya?  I’m pretty sore from yesterday’s workout, but today has been a good day!  I powered through a tough cardio workout this morning and stretched a bit while playing Twister with the kids this evening, which helped with the soreness a bit.  (Dude, Twister hasn’t changed at all over the years, right?  And Hungry Hungry Hippos is just as loud and breakable as I remember it being as I kid.  For some reason I wrongfully expected some sort of increase in quality and enjoyability over time.  O broke his hippo’s neck after like three whacks tonight, and that just doesn’t seem right to me.)

Anyway!  In keeping with my most recent obsession, let’s talk about breakfast.  :D  I went to bed with a grumbling belly last night, so I was ready for a good meal when I woke up.  Feeling uncharacteristically creative, I put together an amazing breakfast parfait- a Cherry & Muffin Crumble Yogurt Parfait, to be exact.


I stirred a few teaspoons of agave nectar into 6-ish ounces of Greek yogurt, thawed some frozen dark sweet cherries, and warmed a whole-wheat peanut butter banana muffin in the microwave for a few seconds (from Deceptively Delicious- I made these last week!  There are pureed carrots in them but you would never know it!).  In a stemless wine glass, I layered a third of the cherries, a third of the agave nectar-sweetened yogurt, a sprinkling of chia seeds, and some crumbled muffin, then repeated the layers twice more.  The result was crazy-good; the naturally sweet, juicy cherries plus the creamy Greek yogurt and slight crunch from the chia seeds layered with the moist, sweet, cake-like muffin was ridiculous.  I will definitely be making this one again.  Plus, it was packed full of nutrients: calcium and protein from the yogurt, fiber, vitamins and antioxidants from the cherries, fiber and omega-3 fats from the chia seeds, and whole-grain goodness (and even a little dose of veggies!) from the muffin.

Served with iced coffee, of course (black coffee on ice with a splash of almond milk*)…

…this breakfast was extra special.  It was almost like dessert!

Love love LOVED it.  :)

*Speaking of almond milk, I’m currently using Silk’s version.  Today at the market I picked up some Almond Breeze Vanilla, so I’ll definitely compare the differences once I’ve tried that.  They’re pretty comparable in price and nutritional stats, so taste will be the deciding factor.

Lunch was leftover Mexican Quinoa with Black Beans and Avocado, and it was just as amazing the second time around.  I was ravenous when I got home from grocery shopping this afternoon, and a generous bowl of this stuff really hit the freakin’ spot.  Tonight for dinner, B cooked.  :D  The menu: grilled grouper, oven-baked potatoes, and roasted broccoli with vegan “cheast” sauce.  It was phenomenal.  (Click here to read up on the benefits of nutritional yeast, which is what gives this sauce it’s cheesy flavor and look.)


Bragg nutritional yeast

Cheast” sauce in the making!

Oh YES.  :)

It was sooo good- I tell you no lies!  Vegan, shmegan- this stuff was just tasty.  A ridiculously easy and delicious stand-in for regular high-calorie, high-fat dairy cheese sauce.

This was my first time eating grouper, and I really liked it.  It was thicker, meatier and more firm than the tilapia I’m used to, and it was really good with just olive oil, sea salt and pepper.  I did end up adding a little of this for extra kick, though…

This salsa is really good- slightly sweet and pretty spicy.  It was a fantastic condiment for the fish.

Tomorrow night I’m making this Vegan Broccoli Pasta Salad with a side of grilled corn on the cob.  I haven’t had fresh corn on the actual cob in forever!  I haven’t had corn in general in forever, now that I think about it.  We picked up some Earth Balance butter today at the store, and I definitely see that making an appearance with the corn tomorrow night, oh yes.  :)


Two things I’m loving at the mo':

1) This food pyramid.  Have you seen this?  Makes total sense to me!  Note that wine and dark chocolate have a place in this delicious triangle o’ goodness.  ;)  I also like that eggs, high-quality cheese and natural yogurt have a spot, and that healthy fats and seafood are encouraged in generous amounts.  This is definitely a food pyramid that I can get down with!

Speaking of food pyramids, the USDA recently did away with their old food pyramid (MyPyramid) and introduced MyPlate, which is supposed to be an easier way for people to understand basic nutrition and put it into practice.

What do you guys think about food pyramids and guides like this?

2) Whole Living magazine and their website, WholeLiving.com.  The magazine is sensational!  Packed with information about living a stress-free, environmentally friendly, balanced and healthy life.  I just love it.  Plus, their website is full of resources: a free 28-day Whole Living Action Plan Challenge, tips for stress relief, a katrillion recipes (that fantastic artichoke, feta and olive pasta I made Sunday night was adapted from a recipe on this site), fitness and exercise resources, beauty and healthy aging advice, and tips for green living.  Great stuff!  If you have some free time, I highly suggest clicking around this website.  :D

Okay.  I’m outta here!  The Shield is getting crazy-good, and I want to get an episode in before I pass out.  Lots of studying to do tomorrow, but I think B and I are going to try to sneak away for a quick lunch at Whole Foods mid-day.

See ya tomorrow!  :D



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