A Veggie Kind of Summer


Hey hey, it’s pre-Friday.  I just wasted an entire hour watching the new episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, in case you were wondering.  At least my food has been good lately.  ;)

When I went grocery shopping yesterday I had only dinners planned out.  Under the influence of my new vegetarian(ish) high, I filled my cart with all sorts of brightly colored fruits and vegetables and figured that I could put together satisfying and healthy meals using fresh produce and staples like Greek yogurt, whole-grain breads, nut butter, legumes, and dinner leftovers.  One thing I tossed into the cart was grapefruit- I can’t remember the last time I bought (or ate!) a grapefruit.  When my bellah declared that it was breakfast time this morning, I decided to try something new.

Broiled grapefruit!  :D


I took one large grapefruit half and cut around each segment with a small paring knife to loosen (for easier eating).  Then I took maybe 1/2 a teaspoon of Earth Balance and microwaved it for a few seconds to melt.  I added a few hefty shakes of cinnamon and two pinches of brown sugar and stirred to form a thick paste.  I spread the sweet buttery deliciousness onto the cut side of the grapefruit, and then stuck it under the broiler on high (about four inches from the heat source) until the sugar was golden and bubbly- it took about five minutes.  It turned out FANTASTIC!  A great way to enjoy the fresh, citrus-y goodness of grapefruit without adding a boat load of sugar or suffering through pucker face the whole time.  It was quite satisfying and pleasing to the ol’ taste buds.

Along with my g’fruit I had a slice of toasted 9-grain bread slathered with natural almond butter and topped with banana slices, plus an iced coffee with almond milk.  :)

Oh almond butter, how I love you.

Perfection.  :)

Today I knocked out some schoolwork, made more flashcards, pushed through a pretty brutal leg workout (hello, slow-motion lunges- OUCH), and then B and I hit up Whole Foods for some lunch and a few kitchen essentials (whole-wheat naan for tomorrow’s dinner and Vegenaise).  We both wanted a slice of their pizza for lunch, which is always sooo good and fresh.  I had a slice of roasted veggie, and B went with spinach and mushroom.

After lunch I came home and did some more studying before picking up the tots and taking my oldest to karate.  By 5pm I was starving and had a mad craving for that vegan cheese sauce from last night!  Daily Garnish calls it “cheast” sauce, but I don’t think that name is going to stick ‘round these parts.  I tend to have a weird aversion to certain words, and yeast happens to be one of them.  (I just don’t really like some words- that’s totally normal, RIGHT?)  B wants to call it “vheese” (vegan+cheese), and I want to call it “un-cheese”.

Should we take a vote?    ;)

Anyway, I reheated the UN-CHEESE and spooned it over the leftover roasted broccoli (also from last night), and it was heavenly.  It kept well in the fridge overnight and reheated nicely.  I also opened up a bag of something new and exciting to dip into the un-cheese: Beanitos!  These caught my eye at Market Street yesterday and I remembered seeing them on The Fitnessista’s blog They have five ingredients: whole black beans, whole grain rice, pure sunflower oil, bean gum, and sea salt.  They’re also loaded with fiber (5 grams per serving!) and protein (4 grams).  Check out the stats here!  Most importantly, they tasted amazing.  I almost had to take the bag away from B because he kept saying “Ok, ok… just one more.  Wait, I’ll put it away after this one.  Wait, JUST ONE MORE!” 


Dinner was epic.  Another vegan recipe winner from Emily at Daily Garnish!  I made her Vegan Broccoli Pasta Salad, and B grilled some corn on the cob using this simple recipe.  Both were fantastic- a really light, easy and delicious summer meal.  (Emily has step-by-step pics for making the pasta salad here.)

Corn on the cob!


Pasta salad fixins’.

I spy Vegenaise!  For the record, B (who is strictly a regular Hellmann’s mayo kind of guy) tried a spoonful of this stuff on its own and immediately gave it two thumbs-up.  He actually liked it!  I’m giving away the three canisters of regular mayo that I have in the pantry and using Vegenaise from now on.  As far as I’m concerned, if it tastes like mayo, looks like mayo, and is priced similarly to mayo but is free of animal products, cholesterol-free, contains minimal amounts of saturated fat and is overall better for me, why not?  :D

Same goes for Earth Balance buttery spread, which I used this morning on my broiled grapefruit and we slathered on our grilled corn at dinner- that stuff is awesome!  No more regular butter for me.  I feel really good about making these little changes to my diet- I love feeling good about what I’m eating.

Broccoli for the pasta salad (I’ve eaten a LOT of broccoli the last two days!)

Grated carrot for the pasta salad (plus some raisins and sliced almonds that you can’t see underneath)

Al dente whole-wheat fusilli

Blanching the broccoli in the same water I used to cook the pasta

The dressing for the pasta salad was ridiculous!  So good- Vegenaise, rice vinegar, white wine vinegar, honey and salt.

Dinner is served.  :D

The corn was delicious and so easy to do.  The kernels were firm on the outside but tender and juicy on the inside and packed with fresh grilled flavor- I will be eating more grilled corn on the cob this summer, for sure.

The pasta salad was filling and bursting with vibrant color and fresh flavor- the whole-wheat fusilli was pleasantly chewy and hearty, the broccoli was crisp and soaked up lots of flavor from the dressing, the carrot added a nice crunch, and the raisins lent an occasional burst of welcome sweetness that complimented the tangy, creamy dressing beautifully.  The only thing B said he would change about this pasta salad is to add more raisins.  It was seriously good!

Tomorrow is Friday, and I’m very excited.  We’re staying in tomorrow night and making Indian Food, complete with whole-wheat naan.  I adore naan.  I need a t-shirt that says I HEART NAAN.  It’s an obsession, really.

G’night, y’all!  :D



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  1. Ooh, you changed your theme?! Looking good! I love broccoli… did you try it raw? Raw broccoli and cauliflower… holy cow, it’s so freaking good, served up with a nice cream-cheese dip or something!

  2. I was getting tired of the old look of the blog and this was the best free theme I could find on WordPress. I’m on the lookout for someone to re-do my blog for me! Technology isn’t exactly my friend, but I will pay someone who knows what they’re doing.

    I do love raw broccoli, but had never had it roasted before- it was excellent! :D

      • Cool! I’ll be getting serious about re-doing things in July. We can talk more about it on Wednesday! :D

    • The first thing I’d suggest is moving away from wordpress.com to wordpress.org. It would mean you’d have to host your own installation (as in, buy your own hosting + domain name) (don’t worry about the installations – most hosts offer 1-click installation of various software like WordPress, Joomla etc), but you get so much control with WordPress.org, and it allows you to do so much more. Alternatively, if you had a domain name (or wished to buy one) I could host the site for you. I have way more space than I need… only using like 1% of the space with FiveEuroFood at the moment.

      Additionally, I have some themes which I don’t use at all so you could take a look at those if you wanted, and as for mashing stuff together, I’m no pro, but I know enough about PHP and CSS to customise things enough to how I want them… if you were after some assistance?

      Let me know if I can help :)

      • Whoa, that’s awesome. I’ll need to look at pricing for purchasing a domain but I know it’s not terribly expensive and would be worth it for sure! That’s incredibly nice of you, Charles! After I do that I will definitely holler at you… I guess the second step is for me to figure out exactly what I’d like to do with my blog. How exciting! :D Woohoo!

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