G’day, mates!  How’s it going?  I don’t know how much I’ll be able to type today, because this morning’s STS biceps/shoulders/chest workout was especially brutal.  This is week 4, which is the end of the first mesocycle.  There are 3 total cycles of 4 weeks each, and in between each one you’re supposed to take an active rest week off from the program.  Next week is that week for us, which is also when I go back to school.  My campus just got a brand spankin’ new gym, and I am so excited!  I’ll definitely be checking it out next week.  I’ll be working out at the new gym every Tuesday, which is my long day on campus.  I’ll have over three hours to kill between A&P lecture and lab, and I’m definitely going to use some of that time to get my sweat on.  The gym includes:

  • a full service fitness center
  • indoor/outdoor pools
  • group exercise classes
  • intramural sports
  • tennis courts
  • sand volleyball court
  • outdoor basketball court
  • climbing wall
  • outdoor adventure equipment rentals

So cool!  I’ll be sure to post about my gym shenanigans, complete with extra goofy pictures.  :)

Yesterday afternoon I made some vegan breakfast “sausage” patties from Vegan Diner.  We’ll be eating them tonight with M in the Breakfast Benedicts Florentine, and I find that seitan is best if it’s made a day in advance and can sit overnight to firm up in the fridge.  I’m becoming wonderfully efficient with my seitan making skills, and it really takes no time at all anymore.  Mix some dry ingredients, whisk some wet ingredients, incorporate them together, form into patties or cutlets, wrap loosely in foil, and then place the packets in a steamer for 30 minutes or so and forget about it.  It really could not be easier!  This particular variation included rubbed sage, dried rosemary, thyme, and red pepper flakes, and the patties smell exactly like breakfast sausage.

They are going to be killer on our benedicts tonight!  You pan-fry these bad boys until they’re golden and crispy before putting together the bennies.  I hope the vegan Hollandaise sauce turns out as well.  Vegan Diner hasn’t let me down yet, so I bet our meal tonight will be amazing.

Last night for dinner I made the Thai Crunch Salad from Peas and Thank You!  I’d been eying the recipe ever since I got my hands on the book, and last night I finally got to enjoy it.  It did not disappoint…


Tofu chunks, ready to broil.  The marinade is a teriyaki one, also from the cookbook.  So easy to make, and so freakin’ delicious.  Love the chunks of ginger and garlic!

The ‘fu got nice and crispy and golden under the broiler, and the ginger-garlic-soy sauce-brown sugar-infused marinade became rich and thick and bubbly.  It was a very beautiful thing.

The salad consisted of romaine, napa cabbage, green onion, carrot, cilantro, cucumber, and edamame…

…all topped with the teriyaki tofu, roasted peanuts…

…and Mama Pea’s AMAZING Almond-ginger Dressing.  Oh my gosh, that dressing…

Move over peanut sauce… this almond-ginger-lime combo knocked my flip-flops off.  I want to drizzle it on everything.  B almost drank it straight from the jar (yeah, I’m not kidding).

This salad was the perfect combination of flavors and textures: cold, crunchy veggie goodness; warm, sticky, slightly sweet-and-salty tofu; tender-crisp, protein-packed edamame; crunchy, nutty roasted peanuts; and creamy, tangy ginger-spiked almond dressing.

I can’t decide if I liked this salad better than the Chickpea Strawberry Mango Salad, so it’s a good thing that I don’t have to choose.  All the recipes I’ve tried from Peas and Thank You have been absolutely phenomenal!  It, along with Vegan Diner, are definite must-have cookbooks for busy vegans or vegetarians who dig cooking but don’t always have a lot of time to do it.  They’re both family-friendly, and also great for people on a budget!  (And really, who isn’t on a budget these days!?)

Breakfast today was a cereal mix of multigrain flakes, chia seeds, an incredibly sweet and juicy chopped white peach, fruit and nut granola, and unsweetened vanilla almond milk:

I get so excited when a stone fruit is as juicy and sweet as it appears.  It’s awful when a fragrant, soft peach or nectarine ends up being mealy and bland at first bite.  This one was amazing- like a tasty little present straight from nature.  :)  Yup.

Lunch was… can you guess?

Leftover Thai Crunch Salad, of course!  With some extra veggies tossed in for good measure.  ;)  And I did not give in to the urge to dump the entire jar of Almond-ginger Dressing on top.  Such self control!  :)

Inspired by this post, I put together some Zucchini Bread Overnight Oats this afternoon…

Of course you’ll hear all about it after I eat them in the morning.  I’m off to hang with E (his second day of school was another great one, he said!) and scratch some to-dos off my list.  I finished The Kind Diet and will write a review of it tomorrow or Thursday.  :)

Have a great Tuesday!



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  1. /sigh – just reading about your working out makes me tired. Still, I try and do a 20 minute workout each day on my cross-trainer at home… makes me feel really good (even if I end up soaking wet because it’s so freaking humid here).

    • That’s great! Keep it up. :) And I feel ya- it’s ridiculously hot here, though the humidity hasn’t been as bad. Sweating is GOOD for you! ;)

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