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Helloooooooo.  I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last posted!  Geeez.  School and children are quite time-consuming, no?  ;)  I took exam 3 in anatomy & physiology today and I feel pretty good about it.  Only one more test and I’ll be FINISHED!  Ah, such a glorious feeling!  Unless I fail the class, which would be very unglorious.  I would definitely cry and possibly go on a red wine drinking bender for weeks.

(Fortunately, I don’t think I’m in danger of failing.  Note to self: joking about failing a class is NOT FREAKING FUNNY.)

Anyway!  I’ve been busy studying, kid-wranglin’, Mad Men watching, working out, washing laundry that NEVER SEEMS TO END, catching life’s crazy curve balls- the list goes on and on.  And when I’m not doing any of those things, you can find me in the kitchen!

Sunday I made Kathy’s (from the Healthy Happy Life blog, which I lurve) Maple Peanut Banana Bread Waffles

Sweet sassafras, these were so good!  Fortunately we had quite a few leftover, and this morning I made a Wafflewich with sunflower seed butter and sliced banana for a quick breakfast before class:

Have I told you how much I adore Sunbutter?

This was awesome sauce- it definitely fueled me up right for my crazy exam this morning.  :)  If I made a good grade this might become my new lucky breakfast.  (For the record, I already have a lucky pencil.  E gave it to me.)  :)

Sunday night my Mom made Daily Garnish’s Roasted Butternut Squash and Black Bean Enchiladas.  I made those a few weeks ago and could not get enough of them- they are my absolute favorite enchiladas on the planet now- so when she invited me to have some, I happily dug in.  (If you like butternut squash even a little bit, I highly recommend that you give those enchiladas a try!  They are fabulous and ridiculously easy to put together, homemade enchilada sauce and all.)

Anyway, Sunday’s planned dinner was moved to last night, and it turned out to be one of those meals that you think is too easy to be really incredible but ends up knocking your socks off:

Oh She Glows Eggplant Parmesan!

Thick eggplant rounds coated in a savory batter and rolled in panko breadcrumbs…

Baked to golden perfection…

Smothered with tomato sauce…

And drizzled with rich, creamy vegan cheeze sauce

I was not prepared for it to taste as good as it did!

Okay, so maybe I didn’t exactly drizzle my cheeze sauce on- obviously it was more of a pouring action.  ;)  Hey, I was hungry!

Holy ballz, this ruled.

My Mom had some and loved it, too.  There are leftovers, and that makes me very happy.  I’m thinking about serving the remaining eggplant cutlets over a bed of whole-wheat pasta later in the week… *drool*

Tonight I made Kathy’s Spiced Citrus Tofu Veggie Scramble!  It definitely deserves at least one exclamation mark (!) because it rocked!


This was another crazy-easy recipe that made me go mmm

(Plus, I really like the word ‘scramble‘.)

Cooking this was a very pleasant sensory experience- the fresh scent of orange juice paired with warm, spicy, fragrant curry powder and sweet caramelized red onion made the kitchen smell fantastic.

I ate my scramble breakfast burrito-style in a sprouted grain tortilla with a little Daiya cheddar:

…and a touch of hot salsa.  (Because I like to say SALSA!)

Per Kathy’s suggestion I added a touch of nooch and agave nectar to the scramble- good call!  The flavors came together beautifully.  This was my first time making a tofu scramble and I am definitely sold.  I can see these becoming a regular thang for when I want a hot, tasty meal that doesn’t require a lot of time, fuss or ingredients.  SCORE.

Okay, so, speaking of time and fuss… have you decided what you’ll be doing for Thanksgiving?  As many of you know, this is my first vegan Thanksgiving, and I don’t think I could possibly be more stoked about it!  We’ll host the feast here and I’ll make the following:

I am annoyingly excited.  :)  Add in a few slices of Field Roast Grain Meat Co.’s Celebration Roast, and that’s one heck of a Thanksgiving meal, if you ask me.  (Saving animals is tasty!)  Other family members are bringing things like mashed potatoes, salad, rolls and cranberry sauce, some of which will also be vegan.  It’s going to be quite a spread.

THANK YOU amazing vegan food bloggers for making it easy to find awesome recipes for my first vegan Thanksgiving!  There are so many recipes out there, it was hard to decide between them all.

And while we’re talking about food I plan on making, I already know what I’m cooking next Monday and Tuesday night for dinner (but of course I do- I have a food porn problem, remember?):

Have you cooked anything awesome lately?  What will you eat/cook for Thanksgiving?

I’m off to watch Mad Men and relax!  Have a great Tuesday night.



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  1. I am in post-exam wind down mode and it is a very odd thing. For the first time in six or so years I do not have urgent study to cram into my life. However, I am thinking of starting a masters next year, so I’m sure I won’t be missing that feeling for long…
    I have a lucky ‘Hello Kitty’ pen that Miss J gave me. It has 7 colours, which is great in exams, and also it’s a bit fatter, which I’ve found is easier on the writing muscles. Our exams are two or three hours and that’s a lot of writing for people that generally don’t.. I mean WHO writes with a pen these days? Nobody. Everybody types. Good Luck for your last exam. what are your plans now? Further study? Get a job? (like you don’t already have one with two kids..)

    • Nope, I’m back full-time in January for another semester. :) That will be my last regular semester of classes, though! A summer sesh followed by a few months of interning and I’ll be finished! :) Ah, enjoy your break! I’m finished with this semester the first week of December and I am soooo looking forward to a little downtime.

  2. Hi Sara,

    This is my first time commenting and I just had to tell you that I made the Daily Garnish roasted butternut squash enchiladas and they were *delicious*! I don’t know who to thank more- you for showing them on your site, or Daily Garnish for coming up with them! :) I will be making the overnight oats tonight. I love your blog!


    • Hi Sophia! My gosh, aren’t they tasty? Definitely thank Emily over at DG. Be sure to check out her other recipes! Everything I’ve made from her site has been incredible, so it is one of my go-to blogs for recipes. I love having resources where I KNOW the recipes are always going to turn out and be really yummy. Oh She Glows is my other fave tried-and-true recipe resource. Oh, and Mama Pea over at Peas and Thank You! Her blog and cookbook both rock! Those are probably my top 3, where I get most of my meal ideas each week. :)

      Thanks for reading! Happy cooking (and eating)!


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