Hullo.  I find it incredibly hard to get back into the swing of everyday life when you’ve had a nice, long, relaxing 4-day weekend, and I know I’m not the only one.  Fortunately I managed to get a lot accomplished this morning, mainly so that I can spend this evening watching Mad Men instead of studying.  Priorities, priorities…

This weekend I did a little bit of baking.  Apparently a fridge full of leftovers is not enough to deter me from creating even more food, and for this reason I am very thankful for our freezer (which is now PACKED full).

Saturday I made Mama Pea’s Raspberry Oat Bran Muffins.

They have a touch of orange juice in them for a little zing, and applesauce for a nice moist texture.  I used frozen raspberries straight from the freezer and they worked really well.  These were a big hit with the tots and make excellent breakfasts and snacks.

Sunday I baked cookies!  Gena’s Vegan Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies, to be exact.

Mine turned out so chocolate-y they were practically black, and that’s because I used extra dark cocoa powder instead of cacao.


We really like our chocolate ’round these parts.  :)

Here is a leftover Field Roast seitan salad, to balance out all those baked goods…

The perfect day-after-Thanksgiving lunch.  :D

Saturday night I finally got around to making Gena’s Creamy Coconut Parsnip Rice with Caramelized Butternut Squash, which was on last week’s menu.  I’d never cooked with (or eaten!) parsnips before, but they’re like a lighter colored cousin of my very good friend, the carrot.  I peeled ‘em, chopped ‘em, and then processed them into what came out looking shockingly similar to rice:

Meanwhile, the butternut squash did it’s thang in the oven and came out perfectly golden, tender and full of sweet, roasty deliciousness…

(Roasty is a new word, in case you haven’t heard.  Look it up.)

To Gena’s recipe I added a can of rinsed and drained garbanzo beans for a little bulk, fiber and extra protein.

I also ended up using 1 cup of coconut milk instead of 2/3 – 3/4 cup.

Aaaand I used closer to 1 tsp of curry powder instead of 1/2, because I love that spicy, warm, rich flavor so much it hurts.  These additions gave me three heaping bowls full of sweet, creamy, satisfying delight.

This meal was so simple and easy but came out tasting fabulous!  I had it for dinner the last two nights and will have the last bowl tomorrow on campus for lunch.  Parsnip rice is my new friend, but honestly you could pour coconut milk on just about anything and I’d think it was amazing.  Same goes for curry powder.  Roasted butternut squash, too?  I’ll definitely be making this one again.

Sunday morning I made Gena’s Blueberry Pancakes (if you haven’t checked out the Choosing Raw blog, you should!  I’m finding a ton of killer recipes from that site, obv).

This was one of the easiest pancake recipes I’ve ever thrown together and it resulted in perfectly moist, fluffy, golden pancakes studded with just the right amount of juicy blueberry goodness.  I really like spelt flour!

I hid the two pancakes that were leftover so that I could enjoy them for breakfast one day this week.  Don’t tell O, who has been eating so many pancakes lately that he is actually morphing into a mancake.

I’m a huge fan of the holiday season for many reasons, and eggnog is high on my list of Christmas loves.  Or, more specifically, soy nog!  When I saw Angela’s recipe for a Creamy Soy Nog Smoothie, I had to try it immediately (even if it meant wearing my heavy jacket while drinking it- it has been downright cold here the last few days!).

This was so gooooooood!  It was everything I could ever want in a nog-flavored shake…

Rich, creamy, full of that traditional egg nog flavor, perfectly spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, but for a fraction of the fat and calories of the traditional stuff.  I made one for the kids, too, and they loved it.  I’m probably going to make another one this afternoon.  And tomorrow.  And every day after that until 2012.  ;)

(This would be good with a little somethin’ somethin’ mixed in, if you know what I’m saying and I think that you DO.)

Do you like egg (or soy) nog?

Last but not least, this week’s menu…

Tonight I’m giving tempeh another shot (remember this disastrous dinner?) by making Mama Pea’s Orange Sesame Tempeh Stir-Fry, served over soba noodles instead of brown rice.  I can definitely see myself liking tempeh more in a ground/grated/crumbled and toasted state, like in this recipe.  I’ll definitely let you know how it turns out!  I adore Fakin’ Bacon, but have not had good luck with plain cubed tempeh.  As my sister explained over the weekend, “It’s like a big block of throw up.”  It kind of is, but I’m hoping that this recipe changes my mind.

Tomorrow night I’ll be making yet another Mama Pea recipe: Lemon Lentil Soup with cashew cream.  :)  Yum, yum.  I’ll be eating leftovers of this all week long.  I finally scored some red lentils at Whole Foods, so I’ll use them for the first time instead of my usual green ones.

Ok!  That’s all I got.  I hope your Monday is a good one!



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  1. Eggnog.. yes please. I’m going to make some for Christmas Eve. It’s not usual around here, but I have fond memories of going to a party with mum when I was about 12 and getting into the Eggnog Yes… you know, giving alcohol to kids was not really a big deal. My Grandmother and Great Grandmother both recommended brandy for putting teething kids to sleep. It’s so very un PC these days, and yet I know parents that pull out the paracetamol for kiddies at the slightest hint of a sniffle. You are right of course, I should never have kids.

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