Ring It In


Happy new year!  How did you spend the last night of 2011?  I kicked things off by doing a Jager shot with my mom:

The rest of the evening was spent with B and some friends, and I was home in bed by 1am.

We are ultra classy and adorned our plastic champagne glasses with masking tape name tags.  Don’t be jealous.  ;)

It was a great night!

For breakfast on New Year’s day I made vegan pumpkin spice donuts.  I prepped the wet and dry ingredients separately the afternoon before, and in the morning I was so glad I had planned ahead.

These donuts are really, REALLY easy to make and very, VERY tasty.  Highly recommended!!!  :D

I used all whole wheat pastry flour instead of unbleached white, and they still turned out amazing.  I was thrilled that the kids loved these as much as they do regular donuts from the bakery.  Homemade, whole wheat, baked donuts are now going to be a regular thang in our kitchen.

New Year’s day I also made this detox salad:

DEEEELISH!  It made a ton, so I have easy lunches throughout the week.  I’m loving the idea of switching it up from my usual salad monsters and prepping a big mixed salad like this every weekend for quick, healthy mid-day meals all week long.

I enjoyed my first bowl topped with homemade garlic hummus and some Mary’s Gone Crackers:

So, so good.  I love the addition of sunflower seeds, currants and raisins and the light, fresh lemon juice and herbs.

For New Year’s day dinner, my Mom had everyone over for a big meal that included PPK’s Hottie Black Eyed Peas with Ginger Mashed Sweet Potatoes & Apples

…plus smoky seitan roast from the Vegan Diner cookbook (gah, so good!).

Also: homemade vegan pull-apart rolls

And chocolate lava cake from this book for dessert:

I definitely did my fair share of eating and drinking over the holidays!  I know I gained a couple of pounds, and it’s time to get back to a more balanced way of eating.  I’m not focused on the number on the scale, but on feeling lighter, more energetic and better in my clothes.

To get back into the swing of things, last night I made one of my favorite one-bowl meals:

Oh She Glows Protein Power Goddess Bowl

Uh, with a side of red wine.  Hey, yesterday was spent wrangling a cranky 2-year-old who was suffering from his first ear infection, so an evening glass of vino was in order.  ;)

Dinners for the rest of the week will consist of leftovers from the above protein bowl as well as split pea soup (recipe here) and sweet potato & lentil chili (recipe here) that I froze a few weeks ago.  Warm and comforting yet healthy and balanced one-bowl meals should help bring my sexy back in no time.  :)

I’m off to do some cardio and then take E to the doctor.  Poor guy has a cough that just won’t quit.  :(  At least O’s ear infection seems to have cleared up!

Have a happy and productive Tuesday.  :)



PS- In 2012 I want to be more of an advocate for a healthy and happy vegan lifestyle.  Spread the veggie love!  To start, I took a tip from the vegan.com blog and added a vegan-friendly signature to my email.

Keep animals from harm every time you sit down to eat. Watch “Farm to Fridge” and read The Ultimate Vegan Guide.

If it prompts even one person to pause and think about where their food comes from, I’ll be a very happy girl.  This year I also plan to host multiple vegan dinner parties (wowing meat eaters with delicious vegan fare is always awesome!), write more about veganism here on the blog, and frequent the veg-friendly restaurants in my area (I can’t wait to go here, here and here!).  I’m coming up on 6 months of being vegan, and I’ve never felt better about my health or enjoyed food more than I do now.  If I had known that living compassionately could be this tasty (or this tasty, or this, this, this, THIS!), I would have given up animal products a long time ago.  :)

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