Back On Track


HAPPY FRIDAY!  Man, what a week.  It went a little something like this: one kid with a sinus and ear infection (Monday), another with strep throat (Tuesday), and me basically not getting anything accomplished (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday).  It feels like my entire week was spent sitting in doctor’s office waiting rooms, administering antibiotics, and being cranky.  And drinking wine…

Unlike many of you, I don’t start fresh and clean on January 1st.  I like to keep the bread-sugar-booze thing going for several days into the New Year.  I’m a rebel, what can I say.  Never been one to follow the crowd…

Just kidding.  I finally got my act together yesterday.  After a couple weeks of holiday eating I always find it really difficult to get back on track, but all it usually takes is getting through one day of clean eats to feel like myself again.  Yesterday I photographed my day in food, just for you.  :)


Pumpkin Cream Pie Oat Bran (from Mama Pea’s cookbook) mixed with half a packet of Stevia and topped with a serving of PB2 and apple juice-infused dried cranberries (I had a cup of black coffee, too).  Seems like a weird combination- pumpkin and peanut butter?- but it was actually really, really tasty.  The more I eat PB2, the more I like it!  This weekend I’m going to create a chocolate-banana-peanut butter smoothie with it.  :D


An incredibly large salad that included baby spinach, carrot, red bell pepper, cucumber, purple cabbage, avocado, cherry tomatoes, fresh baby dill, homemade garlic hummus and the dill tahini dressing from this recipe.

I love the addition of fresh herbs on my salads!  This was so good and kept me full for several hours.

Snack attack:

A huge, gorgeous, juicy organic Honeycrisp apple and a big spoonful of cashew butter.  I also had a cup of herbal tea.  Nut butter straight from the jar is one of my favorite things in the whole world!


Dinner was simple but really satisfying.  I had a big bowl of this detox salad topped with edamame:

And a baked sweet potato topped with Earth Balance, salt, pepper, and (lots of) cayenne pepper:

I actually didn’t mean to put that much cayenne on my potato, but I like things spicy so it all worked out when I mixed it together.  :)

After dinner I watched Crazy, Stupid, Love and it was so good!  I really liked it, which is saying something since I think that most movies these days are ridiculously lame.  About half way through I felt a tummy grumble and wanted something sweet, but I’m staying away from the heavy sweet treats for a few days so I opted for some Dark Chocolate Almond Milk:

This stuff rocked!  I dig it.  What I don’t dig is my dirty coffee pot in the background.  (Yuck.)

In addition to giving up dessert for a few days (*sob*), I’m also going to abstain from wine for at least a week.  My bod just needs a break, and I feel so much better without all that sugar and alcohol in my system.

This morning’s breakfast was a good one, so what the heck…

I’ve been wanting to find a very basic and easy chia pudding recipe, so after looking over Gena’s chia recipes, I threw this together last night.

The mix (serves 1):

I should have added a little vanilla extract, too!  Next time.  Stir everything together and place in the fridge overnight.  I am always amazed at how much liquid the chia seeds absorb!  It goes from soup to pudding like magic…

This morning I added a large, very ripe banana on top and dug in:

It was perfect.  Chia seeds are full of protein, fiber and healthy fats, and their neutral taste let the subtle vanilla flavor from the almond milk and cinnamon-y goodness shine through.  I’ll need quick and easy breakfast fixes when I start school again later this month, and this versatile make-ahead chia pudding is perfect for time-crunched mornings.  :D

I went grocery shopping yesterday, so here is what’s on the menu for the next several nights:

Friday: Tonight B and I are going to meet some friends at the Spiral Diner.  Yahoo!  I will definitely post pics of the meal.  Their food always rocks my face off.

Saturday: Nacho night!  We’ll make nachos with blue corn tortilla chips, sauteed red bell pepper and onion, black olives, jalapeno, avocado, baby spinach and vegetarian refried beans.  Oh, and this vegan nacho cheeze sauce (duh!).  (Recipe here.)

Sunday: I’m very excited to try this amazing looking Balsamic Quinoa with Eggplant and Portobellas!  I definitely need more quinoa in my life.  :)

Monday: Gena’s Gingery Rice with Roasted Butternut Squash, Onion and Green Peas looks so good!  I’ll be using brown rice instead of pink, which I’m sure will be just as good (I’d never even heard of pink rice until I saw this recipe.  Definitely something worth checking out when I’m out of brown!).  I plan to eat this with a side of roasted brussels sprouts.  (Brussels are my fave!)

Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll eat leftovers, which is definitely not a bad thing if the above dishes are as good as I think they’re going to be.  :D  I also have that container full of Sweet Potato and Lentil Veggie Chili in my freezer to eat, too (recipe here).

What are your food and fitness goals for 2012?

I have no desire to lose weight or change my body in any way this year.  My goal is to maintain my weight, keep rocking my workouts, and stay on the lookout for new, fun ways to be active.  I’ll continue to aim for 2-3 cardio workouts, 2-3 weight workouts, and 1 yoga sesh every week.  JUST DO IT, and stuff.  ;)

I do have some food goals!

  • Start experimenting with sea veggies!  I first learned about the wonders of sea vegetables (think wakame, kelp, nori, dulce) in Crazy Sexy Diet, and my newest cookbook (Blissful Bites) has a whole chapter dedicated to them.
  • Learn the basics of macrobiotics.  I’ve been intrigued by the concept of a macrobiotic diet ever since reading The Kind Diet, but never really researched it further.  While I definitely won’t be going all macro in 2012, I would love to learn about the components of a well-rounded macrobiotic meal and start incorporating those elements more into my daily eating.  Stay tuned for that!
  • Learn about (and start using) miso.  (Holy yum!)
  • Remember to say a little prayer of gratitude before each meal and be more mindful when I eat.

Alright, I’m off to do some cardio and enjoy this glorious day!  Have a fantastic weekend.  :)



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  1. I’m a bit like you.. kind of let the indulgences drag on. It took me until the 4th to start ‘Junk Free January’. It’s kind of best to mess the year up right at the start, and then the self-disappointment is all over and done with and you can just get on with life. :D

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