Hey-o.  It’s chilly and rainy here in Texas, and I’m sad that my spring break is almost over.  When I was 16 and on spring break, I ran away to Mexico with some friends for a few days.  I told my parents I was going camping in Oklahoma.  My poor Mom was worried sick about me camping, so you can imagine how upset she was when I called her- surprise!- from Mexico 12 hours later.

Oh, how times have changed.  The highlights of this spring break- 16 years later- have included getting new brakes and trying a new weight workout.  Exciting stuff, I tell ya.  Also, Mom?  I’m really sorry that I did that.  I’m sure E and O will get me back eventually.  (That is a horrifying thought.)

I’ve managed to strike a fine balance between being productive and relaxing this week.  A little homework here, some trash tv there… a green smoothie now, half a bottle of Shiraz later… you get the idea.  ;)

Yesterday I checked in with my advisor, and after this semester is finished I have just THREE classes to take in the summer: internship prep, epidemiology and spanish II.  That’s it!  Then I’ll intern during the fall semester and graduate in December.  Hot diggity, y’all.  I am beyond excited.  :D

I’ve cooked some mighty tasty stuff this week.  M came for dinner on Monday, and we had the best time.  :)  I made the Falafel Burgers from Chloe’s Kitchen, which were awesome.  The patties are a simple mixture of chickpeas, chickpea flour, red onion, parsley and spices, and they’re accompanied by a spectacular avocado hummus and thick tahini sauce:

The recipe in the cookbook is actually for falafel sliders, but I made four regular size burgers instead.  On the side, I coated a head of cauliflower with olive oil, sea salt, smoked paprika and garam masala and roasted it at 400 degrees for around 30 minutes.  It was a fantastic meal, and I’m excited about having the last falafel burger tonight for dinner.  :D  I discovered that the tahini sauce makes an excellent salad dressing when thinned out with a touch of water, too.  Seriously good stuff.

Tuesday night I made the Tempeh Chili from Peas and Thank You:

This made the whole house smell wonderful!  It contains grated tempeh, black and pinto beans, fire-roasted tomatoes, onion, celery, carrot, vegetable broth and spices.  I decided to serve this over a baked sweet potato and it was glorious- total comfort food:

I topped it all off with some fresh cilantro and a handful of Daiya cheddar:)

I also made Oh She Glows Eggplant Parmesan one night, which I’d made before and loved.

This time I served the eggplant over a bed of quinoa spaghetti topped with tomato sauce and drizzled with cheeze sauce, which is the most incredible cheeze sauce in the whole entire world.  It’s so easy to make, too!  I plan to use the leftovers in my lunchtime salad today.  STOKED.  ;)

Finally, I have a new favorite green smoothie.  Recently I’ve become obsessed with Angela’s Superfood Green Monster and have one at least twice a week for breakfast.  Yesterday I tried Choosing Raw’s Power Smoothie and was immediately hooked.

Lovely shade of green, isn’t it?  :)  I followed Gena’s recipe but used curly kale instead of romaine and added 2 T. of my favorite protein powder to the mix.  I’m going to make another one tomorrow!

Today I plan on grocery shopping, rocking a lower body workout and attempting to rent the new Muppets movie from Redbox for the kids.  Busy day.  ;)

Speaking of groceries, here is what I’ll be making in the next several days:

  • Eat, Live, Run’s Gingery Red Lentils & Rice
  • Tofu Omelets from the PPK… I am so excited to try this recipe!  We’re gonna roll with the spinach and ‘shroom variation, and I’m going to make some of that cheeze sauce to drizzle over top.  If I can find ‘em, we’ll have these new Alexia sweet potato puffs on the side (as long as they’re vegan- label reading FTW!).
  • Crispy Orange Tofu from Chloe’s Kitchen: tofu cubes are dusted with flour and fried, then coated in a thick, syrupy orange glaze.  YES, please!!  I’ll serve the ‘fu over soba noodles with heaps of steamed mixed veggies.  :)
  • Whole-grain blueberry pancakes, also from Chloe’s Kitchen
  • Chocolate fudge with walnuts from… drum roll, please!… Chloe’s Kitchen

I freaking love that cookbook.  :D

Happy Thursday!



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