Pie Baking + A Tropical Green Smoothie


Monday, Monday, Monday.  The weekend flew by, yeah?  My dinner party on Friday was a blast, and my pie was a success!  The meal consisted of 15-minute Creamy Avocado Pasta (I quadrupled the recipe), roasted asparagus with lemon zest, and a simple spinach side salad with red onion and Annie’s dressing.

My plate :)

And yes- I dolled up the dining room with a tablecloth and candles and then proceeded to serve dinner on paper plates.  I BREAK ALL THE RULES;)

The asparagus came out perfectly crisp-tender and the pasta was amazing as always- everyone wanted the recipe!  I was so relieved because 1) I get nervous cooking for crowds and 2) as the only vegan at the table, I wanted my friends to see that plant-based food is delicious!  Thankfully, it turned out to be a really great meal that everyone seemed to enjoy.

The pie definitely sealed the deal.  I used the Summer Berry Pie recipe from Chloe’s Kitchen.  It was my very first time making a pie from scratch and I was pretty nervous.  For some reason homemade pie crusts have always intimidated me.  I assembled the pie on Friday morning and stuck it in the fridge for a few hours, then brought it to room temperature on the counter and baked it in the afternoon.  Of course I took pictures to document this important baking milestone…  ;)

I MADE A PIE!  :)  More importantly, I made a pie and it tasted good.  I will definitely use this recipe again, and now I’m not afraid of making my own crust.  Pretty exciting stuff, if you ask me.

Though I was too busy cooking/entertaining/tot wrangling to snap many pics of Friday night, I did take (a horrible quality) one of my slice of pie right before devouring it:

Topped with a scoop of Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream!

When Saturday rolled around I didn’t really feel like cooking.  I spent the afternoon making a pasta salad and chocolate chip cookies for our trip to the farm sanctuary Sunday morning, so dinner was a lazy one:

A pan-fried spicy chipotle Field Roast Sausage in a sprouted grain bun with ketchup and sweet relish (holy balls, I L.O.V.E relish) and some homemade spicy kale chips.


I don’t eat mock meat often but when I do, Field Roast sausages are my go-to brand.  They’re ridiculously flavorful, packed with protein, very filling, versatile (you can crumble them into spaghetti sauce or use as a pizza topping or taco filling, for example) and are available in some very tasty varieties.  Bonus points because all the ingredients are recognizable!  I had a couple of these in the freezer left over from M’s cookout a few weeks back.  They’re the perfect meatless cookout food!

Yesterday my friend C and I took the kids to a vegan meetup at Serenity Springs Sanctuary.  It was an amazing experience!  We arrived late (we got lost, and by lost I mean ‘drove around the country for an hour on a never-ending dirt road’… you should see how dusty my car is now) so I didn’t get the chance to take any pictures, but I definitely plan on going back and will try to get some next time.  We had a tasty vegan potluck and when our bellies were full, we helped out with chores around the farm.  My kids got to ride on a little tractor with the farm’s owner and feed horses, chickens and pigs (so many pigs!  I think pigs are now my favorite animal in the whole world), and they also got to collect eggs.  They didn’t want to leave!  It was such a good experience for them to see happy farm animals livin’ the good life.  I spent my time collecting fallen branches and shoveling pig poo, and I know that sounds like a total blast (ha!) but I actually really enjoyed it and felt great at the end of the day.  Tired and dirty, yes, but in the best possible way.  I want to make helping out at the sanctuary a regular thing now.  :)

This morning I was in the mood for a smoothie and was all excited about trying a variation of The Fitnessista’s Green-a-colada, but when I went to make it I realized that I had frozen mango chunks, not pineapple.  I made a few tweaks to her recipe and came up with this Tropical Green Smoothie instead- it was delicious!

Tropical Green Smoothie (inspired by The Fitnessista’s Green-a-colada)

Serves 1

Add all ingredients into a blender and blend, baby, BLEND.

Good stuff!

I’m off to do a booty-kickin’ workout and then have lunch with my mom and sis, but first here is what I’ll be making this week:

Have a great Monday! :D



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