I don’t know why, but I’ve been feeling a little blue lately.  Today just hasn’t been the best day.  I have so many things to be thankful for- the summer semester is flying by, I landed an amazing internship opportunity for the fall, my kids are healthy and happy, I have the best friends in the whole world and a loving and supportive family- but I’m just not feeling like myself.  I’m sure it will pass, as these things usually do.

What do you do to cheer yourself up when you’re feeling sad for no good reason?

Anyway, onward and upward.

And on to the food!  :)

First up, Monday’s dinner:

I found myself with a little bit of Spicy Potato & Black Bean Burrito filling left over from last week, so I stuffed it into a tofu omelet and topped it with vegan cheeze sauce, chunky salsa and avocado slices.  On the side, my good friend roasted broccolini.  It was so good!

Last night’s dinner:

Chickpea Pumpkin Seed Burgers from Let Them Eat Vegan!

Without a doubt THE.BEST. veggie burger I have ever made (and I’ve tried a loooot of recipes).  Chickpeas, spices, nooch, dijon, red wine vinegar, green onion, fresh basil, brown rice, pumpkin seeds and oats (among a few other things) come together to form these vegan patties.  I noticed right away that the dough wasn’t sticky, which made forming the burgers a cinch.

Even better was that they didn’t fall apart when I pan-fried ‘em.  Dreena definitely knows how to make an awesome veggie burger, and I’m really excited to try the other burger recipes from the cookbook now.

The recipe was super easy- just dump all the ingredients into a food processor, shape the dough into patties and then pan fry in a little oil- so I kept it simple and ate my burger on a sprouted grain bun with Vegenaise and ketchup…

I LOVED the texture and different flavors in this burger!  The basil and green onion really added a nice fresh taste, and the crunchy pumpkin seeds and chewy brown rice and oats made it a substantial meal.

A giant batch of spicy kale chips rounded things out nicely.  ;)

Today I finished my schoolwork a little bit early, so I did what I almost always do when I find myself with some unexpected free time- made stuff in the kitchen.


I made the Creamy Curried Almond Dressing from LTEV:

I can’t wait to drizzle this all over my salad tomorrow at lunch!

I also made Avery’s Vegan Peanut Butter Cups, just because.

(Really, you can never have too many chocolate-and-peanut-butter-filled desserts in your freezer.  It just isn’t possible.)

Don’t mind if I do.  :D

The kids went bonkers for these, of course.  I’m glad I quadrupled the recipe.  And it’s only THREE ingredients!  Doesn’t get much easier (or more delicious!) than that.  :)

Tomorrow is grocery shopping day, so here is next week’s menu:

For a change of pace for breakfast I’m going to make Angela’s Magical Blueberry Vanilla Chia Seed Jam!  I am crazy-excited about this one.  And see that banana-sunflower seed butter-jam breakfast sandwich she has going on there?  I am SOOO making that.  :D

For lunch salads I’m going to make the protein-packed Artichoke & White Bean Dip from Let Them Eat Vegan.  I’m still totally obsessed with this cookbook and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

I have three Chickpea Pumpkin Seed Burgers left over from yesterday (one in the fridge and two in the freezer), so I only have two new dinners planned for next week:

  • Choosing Raw’s Parsnip Rice with Hemp Seeds, Spring Peas and Basil, and I’m going to grill up a big juicy Portobello mushroom cap to serve alongside.  I think this will make for a fantastic, flavorful, light and easy summer meal.
  • Daily Garnish’s Penne with Creamy Vegan Sweet Potato Sauce, plus a side of sautéed kale.  I love that the sauce uses tofu for a protein boost.  I’ll probably buy brown rice penne for this because it’s my favorite kind of pasta and I love the texture.

And if I feel like adding yet another dessert to my stash, I am definitely going to make those Black Bean Brownies.  It’s happening.

I’m off to read about happiness and cheer myself up with some Jim Gaffigan.  If you haven’t watched Mr. Universe yet, you definitely should.  (Click here to purchase- 75 minutes of hilariousness for only $5!)

Have a great night!  I’ll be back tomorrow for a What I Ate Wednesday post.

(Hint: Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are involved.)



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  1. I always enjoy reading your blog. I’ve been inspired. I bought 8 cookbooks last week. Good job!
    What I do when I need to cheer up is exercise. Some time on my bicycle or with my face in the water swimming laps does wonders.


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