Weekend Cookery


Yeah, cookery.  I really don’t give much thought to what I name my posts.  ;)  Anyway, let’s get to it!  There was a lot of studying, working out and separating fighting children (oh-em-gee with the fighting!  How do I MAKE IT STOP?!) going on this weekend, and also some dancing in the rain:

(And then they came inside and started fighting.  It’s true.)

I also survived a birthday party at Chuck E. Hellhole Cheese, painted my toes, went on an… interesting date Friday night, and fell asleep before 11pm on Saturday night.  I’m wild, I know.  Don’t judge me.

As usual, I cooked up a storm.  I started with a big batch of pancakes from Let Them Eat Vegan.

The recipe is called Chocolate Drop Blueberry Pancakes, but I used some fresh strawberries instead.  The kids loved them!



I like pancakes, but huge smoothies-in-a-bowl have been more my thing lately on the weekend.  That or homemade granola:)

Breakfast of champs  ;)

Saturday night I made a killer dinner out of that leftover Cashew-Ginger Baked Tofu (from this meal):

A baked sweet potato topped with sea salt, black pepper and sriracha sauce loaded up with the leftover tofu plus a side of sautéed garlic kale.

This meal was so good!  The spicy sriracha with the sweetness of the potato and creamy tang from the cashew-ginger sauce was amaaaaaazing.  I just loved it.  And sautéed kale is my new favorite side.  I like it even better than kale chips at the ‘mo.  Just tear the leaves from a bunch of curly kale, saute in a few teaspoons of olive oil and sprinkle with garlic powder, salt and pepper.  So easy, yet it is seriously addicting.  It’s really good leftover, too, on a salad the next day.

Today I made some quinoa in the rice cooker for Breakfast Quinoa Bowls this week:

It came out a little more mushy than I would have liked, so I’m thinking that I added a touch too much water.  It was also crispy on the very bottom, but I don’t mind that.  In any case, I’m excited to jazz it up with cinnamon, agave, fresh fruit, hemp seeds and almond milk in the morning.  :D  I’ll post pics if it rocks.

The rest of today’s cooking was all about dinner prep.  I made Lightened Up Lemon-Tahini Dressing:

Seen here with my newly painted toes.  Oooh, sparkly.

Roasted eggplant for baba ganoush:

And made Oh She Glows’ Falafel with a Twist:D

It all came together for a magnificent Sunday evening meal:

Romaine, tomato, red onion, lemon-tahini dressing, falafel and roasted eggplant baba ganoush in the middle.  :)  Glorious.

So how was your weekend?  It really flew by for me.  Stay tuned for Breakfast Quinoa Bowls and Thai Zucchini Impasta Salad:)

Have a good night!



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  1. Okay all of that food looks gorgeous and delicious but what you have me salivating over is hearing about your “interesting” date on Friday… ;)

    • Okay, so he looked great on paper: cute, successful, funny, health-conscious and age-appropriate. We messaged a bit back and forth and had a good thing going, and when we finally met he opened his mouth and… oh, man… I immediately thought that he was gay. I know, I know. It’s awful of me. But the entire date I was thinking to myself, ‘is this guy ever coming out of the closet or WHAT!?’

      He wants to see me again. Maybe my gaydar is broken? Too bad I can’t pack my best gay guy pal in my purse with me on another date for guidance.

      • That isn’t awful at all–I say trust your gut! And regardless, let’s say that your gaydar is broken (but I have a feeling you are intuitive and spot-on), could you imagine talking to that guy’s voice for the rest of your life?? ha.

        I had a similar experience where the guy would make mention of how attractive his male friends were and then at the end, he kissed me on the lips but it was this awkward peck–like he was afraid of me. haha.

        We should write a book on our online dating escapades :)

      • Gah, what is the deal? I hate to think that there are guys out there that continue to date women even though they’re gay. I know it happens, and it must be awful not being able to be true to yourself, but it’s a big ol’ sad waste of MY time.

        I am 100% in on this book! :) After politely rejecting one portly fellow, he replied with (and this is copied and pasted from the message), “Let me know if you change your mind. I also give 5 star hugs and give great massage and sometimes swim with dolphins.”

        Good grief. 5 star hug, anyone? (Am I mean or what?)

  2. what a great looking solid. This weekend, I actually went to the restaurant in Calgary that inspired Angela to make the dressing and similar salad. Your version looks fantastic and I can’t wait to try something like that myself at home.

    • Oh how cool! The falafel salad was super easy to make, and that dressing is one of my absolute favorites. I wish I could go to Calgary! I was born there but haven’t been back since age 4.

    • Holy jicama, THANK YOU! I am honored. :) Also? I’m totally going to go see Ted now. Love that you started the review with “You need to go see this movie”. :D xoxo

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