Post-test + Workouts + Protein Powder


Hellooo!  My exam is O-V-E-R, ova.  It was brutal.  I’m not sure how I could have better prepared myself, either.  I felt good about a lot of the questions, but some of them left me blankly staring  at the test booklet, slack-jawed, like some sort of test-taking zombie.  In any case, I did the best that I could and it is out of my control at this point.  I won’t get my test score back until after graduation on December 15th, so I might as well enjoy the fact that I no longer have anything to study for (!) and start looking for a job while I finish out my internship.  I can now spend my evenings watching an absurd amount of reality TV and unlearning the wealth of knowledge that I have acquired over the last couple of years as a college student.  (I watched about five minutes of Jersey Shore recently and I swear I could not remember my own name afterwards.)


Yesterday was the Texas State Veggie Fair!  It was such a good time and the event was a huge success.  I’m beat today because we got to the fair at 11am and then I volunteered from 2-7, so by the day’s end I had been on my feet for several hours.  I shouldn’t complain, though, because so many people poured their heart and soul into this thing and I have a few friends that were at the fair at 6am for set-up and were still there when I left at around 7pm.  Total veggie rockstars, most def.  I didn’t get a chance to snap many pictures, but I did see a tiger…

He was mighty fierce.

Also, a Beatles fan.


I wrote about how I was pretty much forced to tone down my exercise routine a few weeks ago, and I can already tell that it was the absolute right decision.  I feel more balanced than before and I have a whole lot more energy, so clearly I had really been overdoing it.  My routine went from intense cardio 3 x week, hour-long weight workouts 3 x week and 1 day of yoga to something along these lines:

  • Sunday: 45-90 minutes of power yoga
  • Monday: tabata intervals, light leg work (band work, deadlifts, calf raises- no more weighted lunges or squats for these knees!), abs & stretch (total time=30-40 minutes)
  • Tuesday: upper body weights (45 minutes-1 hour)
  • Wednesday: 45 minutes of power yoga
  • Thursday: tabata invervals or cardio with lower body focus + abs
  • Friday: 45 minutes of power yoga
  • Saturday: cardio similar to Thursday or OFF

I am LOVING doing yoga three times a week!  Power yoga requires you to squat, lunge and balance in different ways that really work your lower body muscles- try sitting in awkward chair pose for 10 breaths and tell me that your biscuits don’t start burning.  :)  I’ve been a fan of Kristin McGee, Bryan Kest and Baron Baptiste for a while now, as I’ve been practicing yoga weekly for a couple of years.  Since I increased my practice to three times per week, I ordered a couple of new DVDs: Yoga From the Heart by Seane Corn and this Power Yoga workout from Jeanette Jenkins.  I haven’t tried Jeanette’s workout yet, but you guys?  I AM IN LOVE WITH SEANE CORN.  I adore her style of teaching and how she links emotion, forgiveness and empowerment with each breath and movement.  It is really something, and exactly what I need in my life right now.  Plus, she really focuses on walking you through the proper form for each pose, something that everyone can stand to assess from time to time no matter how advanced a yogi you are.  :D  It was definitely love at first downward-facing dog.

Anyway, I feel much better having eased up on the hardcore activity.  My knees don’t bother me nearly as much as they did a month ago, which is awesome.  All of my clothes still fit, which is really all I care about- I can live without visible abdominal muscles but I really don’t want to have to buy a whole new wardrobe.  ;)  I believe that the above routine will keep me fit and it feels good to be exercising for pleasure again.  I tend to do what I’ve been doing forever without periodically reassessing my goals and motivations, and that’s not a good thing.

When was the last time you reassessed your exercise routine?  How do you know when it’s time to take a rest day or switch things up?  

So, that’s the fitness scoop.  Now on to food!

Last week I made:

Kathy’s Pumpkin Chip Cookies with pecans, pumpkin seeds and chocolate chips.

(They are absolutely delicious- the perfect fall cookie!)

Vegan Cinnamon Bun Granola :D

I can’t even begin to describe how good this made the house smell.

(It tastes pretty freakin’ dynamite, too.)

Daily Garnish’s Spiced Pumpkin Cornbread, aka THE BEST cornbread in the entire universe.


4-Bean Chili 

This was, like, the best meal EVER.  I am so happy that I get to eat it all week long.

If you make one thing this week, let it be that dang cornbread.  Go forth.  Buy some cornmeal.  If you’re anything like me, you already have 18 cans of pumpkin puree in your pantry anyway.


Ever since I got into making green smoothies regularly I’ve been on the search for the perfect vegan protein powder.  I found a brand that I really love but have been dying to try Sun Warrior because of all the rave reviews I keep reading about it.  I finally bit the bullet and ordered a big bag of the chocolate flave:

It’s definitely good, but it’s not better than my usual Lifetime Life’s Basics plant protein powder.  Not taste-wise, at least.  I’m not sorry that I bought it, but my absolute favorite protein powder of all time is still Life’s Basics with greens.  Nothing else compares!

Do you use protein powders?  What kind is your fave?

I really want to get my hands on some good peppermint extract and make a peppermint patty smoothie with a little chocolate protein powder mixed in.  I saw a version on Instagram not long ago and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.

I’m off to watch some trash on TV read an engaging, heartfelt, life-changing novel.  ;)

See ya later!


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  1. How cute is that little Tiger Beatles fan!

    Hmmm when i am not feeling challenged enough or not as motivated I know it is time to switch up my routine – I have been practicing yoga 3-4 times a week and loving it- my Favorite days are my double classes – Yoga then Zumba , TRX & Yoga and Zumba & Yoga – I love the combination of a challenging Cardio Class then the stretching and power of yoga.

    All your eats as usual lok so amazing!

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