Partied Out


Hiya.  So the block party was even crazier than I anticipated.  Our costumes were nothing short of AWESOME SAUCE:

Me + sister C

(I think she should do her hair like that every day!)

And that spandex kept me surprisingly warm until around midnight, when I decided that I was miserable, hungry and tired.  I dashed down the street to the first cab I could find, banged on the window and pleaded with the guy to take us home.  The people inside were headed to the party, and they jumped out to let us in.  I am forever grateful to those kind passengers.  Their selfless deed may have come more from fear of the frantic girl in electric pink tights than kindness of the heart, but still. I’m pretty sure I told the driver that I loved him as I hurled myself into the warm, musky-smelling van.  Sure, the guy drove in circles and obviously didn’t know how to get where we needed to go, but I was no longer freezing and celebrated this fact by stuffing fistful after fistful of gas station-purchased cashews into my hot pink-painted food hole, fully relaxing into the dingy yet comfortable (and warm!) seat that someone else had probably just puked on.

Ah, it was a great night.  A few pics:

My sista E and her man T

Costume parade runway!

Me + J

Random people wanted their picture taken with her!  She’s an awesome artist.  :)

LOTS of people.  It was a very interesting night!

Crowds like that are not usually my scene, but I’m glad that I went.  I had a great time dressing up and acting goofy with my family and friends.  I’m partied out until next year, for sure.

Some recent eats:

Yesterday I made a double batch of OSG’s peanut butter-banana oatmeal

It was SO GOOD this morning!

I topped my oats with a little extra peanut butter, roasted peanuts and a drizzle of agave nectar.  The oatmeal was rich, thick and creamy, with chunks of sweet, ripe banana and peanut butter swirled throughout.

Instagrammed, because I’m obsessed.

Barbecue roasted pumpkin seeds from the pumpkins we carved last night!

Super freakin’ tasty, from this recipe (second seasoning blend on the right)

The seeds were awesome sprinkled on my salad today for lunch!  That’s baby spinach, cabbage, red pepper, ‘shrooms, tomato, zuke, raw ranch dressing (from Let Them Eat Vegan), BBQ roasted pumpkin seeds and a big spoonful of classic hummus.

Also from Let Them Eat Vegan (best cookbook EVER), tonight I made Dreena’s Mushroom Pecan Burgers:

These beanless patties are made from sautéed onion, mushrooms, garlic, oats, sage, tamari, tahini, balsamic vinegar, parsley, toasted pecans and a few others goodies, and they made for one fantastic burger.

They browned up perfectly and held together quite well, too.  I did add a couple extra handfuls of oats to the uncooked mixture because it seemed too wet to me, but that was an easy fix that worked nicely.  Kitchen intuition!

For dinner I had my burger on sprouted grain sourdough bread with Dijon mustard and Vegenaise…

…plus a kale salad with artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes and sesame dressing:

It was a pretty amazing meal!

I froze four of these ‘shroom burgers for easy meals later on.  I love homemade veggie burgers.  :)

I guess this kind of turned into a What I Ate Monday post.  That’s everything, although I think I’m going to go have a couple of cookie dough balls and some vanilla almond milk in a few.  ;)

Did you do anything Halloween-related this weekend?  What are your plans for Wednesday?  

I’ll be taking my little monsters trick-or-treating, of course.  They put my costume to good use post-party:

Maniacs.  :)




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  1. We didn’t make it to the block party, I didn’t want to push it being out in the cold with my sore throat :( But there’s always next year!

  2. I wish I was there~! Street parties are always such fun and.. well, we still don’t really have ‘streets’ per se, in Christchurch yet. More like, just lots and lots of dirt and empty spaces. I’m sure when the streets and buildings get put back there will definitely be some legendary partying. The population are desperate!

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