Best Prank Ever…


…or, Why My Siblings and I Are Going Straight to Hell.

I’m the oldest of six kids.  I have three sisters and two brothers (twins).  The boys are the youngest, 21, I am 24 32, and everyone else is strategically spaced 2-3 years apart.  Growing up, life was pretty crazy with such a large family.  I’m really not sure how our Mom survived.  You would think that once everyone made it through their teenage years she would be able to enjoy her well-raised, mature, grown-up children worry- and shenanigan-free, but that just isn’t the case- as adults, we love playing jokes on our poor, sweet Ma.

I almost hate to admit this, but she really is the *perfect* target- unsuspecting, trusting and happy-go-lucky.  We’ve played a few good (and harmless) jokes on her in the past (one that involved a large metal frog riding a bicycle and another using some creepy mannequin heads that my sister had held onto from cosmetology school), but for her birthday earlier this month we managed to surpass even our wildest joke-playing dreams and pulled off the Best Prank Ever.

Mom was good about taking each of us to get our pictures professionally taken as toddlers.  You know the drill- standard Cute Outfit, slightly cheesy Sears Portrait Studios backdrop, Mom and photographer making ridiculous faces and obnoxious voices from behind the lens in hopes of eliciting a smile.  Naturally, these portraits have hung in every hall of every house we’ve ever lived in.  And they just happened to be perfect prank material.

While everyone was on board with this gag, let me go ahead and put 100% of the blame on my sister, E, and her boyfriend, T.  TOTALLY THEIR IDEA.  We’re all going to hell, but they have secured front row seats.

The Prank: T replaced the faces of our baby pictures with our current faces.  Sounds simple, but it was quite an ordeal: we had to take the pictures down without Mom knowing in order to scan and measure them all, T worked his face-altering magic and designed the new prints, and then we had to take everything down again to put in the new pictures.  Most of this was done while our Mom was home, too, for an extra challenge.  It took about a month, but we hung the last picture in time for her birthday celebration two weekends ago.

From youngest to oldest…

Adorable Baby Robin:

Creep City, right!?

Sweet little Nowell:

Wonderfully awful, no?

Baby Bonnie (wasn’t she a doll?!):

The glasses make this one.

Sweet lil’ Emily:

Something about the hands makes me very uncomfortable here.

Sweet cheeks, Carolyn:

This is why toddlers should not wear make-up.

And finally, me.  Welcome to Chunkville:

Is this not the most frightening thing you have ever seen?!  I look like some kind of mutant Ricki Lake.

Needless to say, Mom was HORRIFIED.  I’m glad she discovered the pictures while we were all there, because I have a feeling that she would have had a heart attack had she been alone.

Have you ever played a good joke on someone?  Do you like pranks?

I’m not sure how we’ll ever top this one.  Maybe we should give Mom a break?

Have a relaxing holiday week!  I’m already listening to Christmas music, how about you?



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